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    Question of the Day


    Would you rather live forever in a roller coaster park or a zoo?



    Warmup Triathlon

    Athletes will start by completing 5 V-ups, 10 Second Dead Hang From Pull-up Bar, and 15 Single Unders. When they finish the single unders, they will throw a light ball at a wall ball target from about 10 feet away. If they miss the target, they have to complete 3 burpees (or other penalty of your choice) before getting back to the v-ups. If they hit the target, they can get right back into their V-ups. Play for 5 minutes. Whoever has the most rounds + reps at the end is the winner.



    1 Round

    10 Double Unders

    10 AbMat Sit-ups

    1 Rope Climb

    All three movements are all about the feet today:

    Butterflying the feet isolates the abdominals more than keeping the legs out front. Legs out front recruits the hip flexors to take some strain off the core. Understanding that we’ll be bringing the knee up to the chest when climbing the rope, it may be helpful here to do sit-ups with the legs out front.

    When trying to get double unders, it’s helpful to get a little more air under the feet. This allows athletes to slow down the hands and establish better timing and rhythm. However, this can be more taxing on breathing. As they get more efficient, bringing the height down will be a more efficient. The rope is very thin, so there isn’t a need to get very high off the ground if timing is dialed in.

    The most important thing on the rope is the feet. The first priority is making sure the feet are locked tight before standing. This allows athletes to press through the feet and not have to pull as much with the arms.

    Cimbing Annie (Time)


    Double Unders

    AbMat Sit-ups

    After Each Set:

    Rope Climbs (1-2-3-4-5)

    –Across the board, there are significantly more reps in the first three rounds than in the final two rounds

    –On the jump rope and sit-ups, there are only 60 reps of each in the first 3 and 90 reps in the last 2

    –On the rope climbs, there are 6 reps in the first 3 rounds and 9 in the last 2.

    That being said, let’s try to set ourselves up for a strong final 2 rounds with a controlled first 3 rounds

    –Move at a smooth, steady pace through each movement

    –Break the double unders as needed, breathe through the sit-ups, and find a deliberate pace between rope climbs

    Cool Down


    Walk 400 meters