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    Daily Mindset

    **”It takes as much energy to wish, as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt**

    We are problem-solving-machines. Once we get started it’s like we kick into gear. Sometimes it even surprises us how naturally and seamlessly we work through the issue. Turns out we just need to transition that energy from “wishing” into “action”.

    Ever have a hard time starting to clean the house? The “trick,” as everyone knows, is to just start. We could stress over it all morning, where we can actually feel the energy being sapped from us despite the lack of anything being done. Or, we can take that energy and just start.. And as we do, we snap into motion and things start flowing.

    Wishing, hoping, wanting… they do nothing. Planning, action, and the demanding of ourselves to create the “how” makes change.

    Let’s reinforce it in our minds – we weren’t made to “wish”. We were made to act.

    Question of the Day


    Which vegetable do you think is ugliest?



    ## Alternating Stations With a Buddy:

    1 Minute Bike

    30 Seconds PVC Pass Throughs + 30 Seconds PVC Overhead Squats

    1 Minute Bike

    30 Seconds PVC Lat Stretch + 30 Seconds PVC Overhead Squats

    1 Minute Bike

    30 Seconds PVC Lift Offs + 30 Seconds PVC Overhead Squats

    ## Modified Barbell Warmup

    5 Good Mornings

    5 Back Squats

    5 Elbow Rotations

    5 Snatch Grip Push Press

    5 Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlifts

    5 Overhead Squats

    Overhead Squat


    Take 15 minutes to work to today’s heavy single.



    ## 1 Round

    5 Overhead Squats

    5 Calorie Bike

    Hot Mess (Time)

    2 Rounds:

    25 Overhead Squats (115/85)

    35/25 Calorie Assault Bike

    If scaling the workout, row 35/25 calories instead.

    Cool Down


    1 minute per leg couch stretch

    1 minute per arm banded lat stretch