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    Daily Mindset

    **”The fact of the matter, is that it’s just my opinion.” Benjamin Franklin**

    Have you ever caught yourself saying “Well the fact of the matter is…”?

    Sometimes we can be so sure of something, that we forget that it’s actually not a fact; it is truthfully just our opinion.

    One of the most important character traits we can practice is the separation of our ego. We can hold such strong beliefs that we can blind ourselves to other perspectives. To continue to grow into the next best version of ourselves, Franklin’s quote brings us back to the basics of humility. Always an open mind. Always a student.



    ## 30 Seconds

    Easy Row

    Side Lunges

    Moderate Row

    Cossack Squats

    Faster Row

    Slow Air Squats

    ## 20 Seconds Each

    Easy Single Unders

    Quick Single Unders

    Higher Single Unders

    ## Barbell Warmup

    5 Good Mornings

    5 Back Squats

    5 Elbow Rotations

    5 Strict Press & Reach

    5 Romanian Deadlifts

    5 Front Squats

    Stamina Squats 2

    Alternating “On the Minute” x 12 (6 Rounds)

    Odd Minutes – 2 Front Squats

    Even Minutes – 4 Back Squats

    78% of your 3RM back squat on the bar



    # 1 Round

    10 Double Unders

    100 Meter Run

    5 Calorie Row

    Dirty Water (Time)

    For Time:

    100 Double Unders

    800 Meter Run

    60/45 Calorie Row

    *double the number for single unders

    *can scale run distance and row calories to maintain stimulus

    Cool Down

    Dynamic calf stretch 1 minute

    Wall hip stretch 1 minute