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    Daily Mindset

    “Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge.”

    What defines a leader? Is it a promotion, a title, a stature?

    We realize that is not the case, as we’ve all met leaders through the course of our lives that were, title wise, on our identical level. We could have both been students in school, teammates on a sports team, or co-workers in a job. Yet something set them apart, and it was distinct. We remember them not for what they said, and often not even by what they did – we remember them by how they made us feel.

    There’s a line that’s been said a million times over.

    “Why did you do it?”

    “Because he (or she) would have done it for me”.

    True leadership is not a title.


    # WOD BRIEF + GROUP WARMUP (0:00 – 8:00)

    ## 30 Seconds

    Easy Single Unders

    Straight Legged Inchworms

    Kettlebell Deadlifts

    Higher Single Unders

    Push-up to Down Dog

    Kettlebell High Pulls

    Fast Single Unders

    Active Spidermans

    Russian Kettlebell Swings

    *Warmup Performed With Light Kettlebell*


    # MOBILITY (8:00 – 12:00)

    ## Kettlebell Ankle Stretch: 45 Seconds Each Side

    Stepping out into a lunge, place kettlebell on top of front knee. Keeping the heel on the ground, drive knee back and forth over the toe.

    ## Pigeon Pose: 1 Minute Each Side

    From a pushup position, sweep one leg beneath your body. Let’s use the right as an example. With your right leg beneath your body, aim to adjust your shin so that it is perpendicular to your torso – in other words, horizontal in relation to where your torso is facing. Slowly imagine sinking your waist back and down to the floor as you feel the stretch in the outside of your hip.

    ## Up Dog: 1 Minute

    From a flat, belly down position on the floor, athletes will get their chest up by pressing the arms straight through the floor. Doing so will stretch out the abdominals and hip flexors. Focus on long deep breaths.


    # TEACHING (12:00 – 25:00)


    ### Movement Prep

    10 Snappy AbMat Sit-ups


    ### Movement Prep

    20 Seconds Fast Single Unders

    20 Seconds Double Under Practice

    ### Movement Substitutions

    Reduce Reps

    45 Single Unders

    30 Seconds Double Under Practice


    ### Movement Prep

    7 Russian Kettlebell Swings (Lighter Weight)

    7 Russian Kettlebell Swings (Workout Weight)


    ## REHEARSAL (25:00 – 30:00)

    ### 1 Round

    10 Russian Kettlebell Swings

    10 AbMat Sit-ups

    10 Double Unders

    After Hours (Time)

    For Time:


    Russian Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

    After Each Round:

    15 AbMat Sit-ups

    30 Double Unders

    Cool Down

    Foam Roll 5 mins