• CFA060718

    CrossFit Altius – CrossFit


    200 Meter Run


    Quad Stretch

    Knee to Chest

    Solider Kicks

    Side Lunge

    Walking Samson


    Toe Walk

    Heel Walk

    Side Shuffle

    High Knees

    Butt Kickers

    Planks (3 x 1:00 weighted)

    Use heaviest weight you can with proper form. Rest 2 to 3 mins between each set

    Mani Pedi (Weight)

    On the 2:00 x 7 Sets:

    36 Double Unders

    9 Toes to Bar

    3 Power Cleans
    Combining strength and skill within today’s workout. Athletes will complete one round every two minutes, building in weight on the power clean as they see fit to a heavy triple for the day. These do not have to be completed “touch-and-go”, however they should be at a weight where a single repetition is always there. Score today is the final completed weight on the barbell.

    Cool Down

    400m walk