• Sunday Funday

    CrossFit Altius – CrossFit Basic Altius (No Measure) 2 rds: PVC Pass Thru x10 Air Squat x10 Push Up x10 Snatch Grip Deadlift (5 x 5 Snatch grip DL, across)

  • Saturday

    CrossFit Altius – CrossFit () Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) Tabata: 8 rounds of :20 of work, followed by :10 or rest of: C2B (RX+) Ring Rows (RX) Pushups (RX+) Knee Pushups (RX) Box Jumps, 24/20 (RX+) Step ups (RX) Wall balls, 20/14 Complete all 8 rounds before moving to the next movement. No extra rest

  • Friday…YES!

    CrossFit Altius – CrossFit Altius Warm-up 3 (No Measure) M2M High Knees M2M Butt Kicks 10 Lunges 10 Ring Rows then, Samson Stretch x 30 seconds Banded Shoulder Stretch x 30 seconds Back Squat (EMOMx10: 1 Back Squat, across) Metcon (Time) 27-21-15-9: Calorie Row Power Snatch, 75/55 (RX+) 55/35 (RX)