• 11/29/14

    CrossFit Altius – CrossFit Deadlift (Work up to a tough 5) Metcon (Time) Teams of Two 3 RFT: 500m Row each 40 Power Cleans, 135/95 40 Box Jump Overs, 24/20 Each team will have two rowers, one barbell and 1 box. Both athletes row at the same time. When both athletes are done rowing 500m,

  • 11/28/14

    CrossFit Altius – CrossFit (No Measure) 2rds High knees M2M Butt kicks M2M High kicks M2M Sampson stretch x 30-45 sec Front Squat (3×2, across) Metcon (Time) 3 RFT: 75 Double unders (150 singles) 25 GHDSU 20 1-arm KB Snatch, 55/35 (10/side) **For newer athletes or those not comfortable with GHD’s, scale the rep/range of

  • 11/26/14

    CrossFit Altius – CrossFit (No Measure) 3rds 8 push ups, slow and strict 8 strict pull ups, use bands if necessary 8 lunges with a stretch, each leg Metcon (2 Rounds for reps) “Fortitude” EMOMx30min Odd: 15 Calorie Row Even: 15 Burpees *Score is how many burpee/cal you chose* **scale this such that you are